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Drawing Bella Coola's mask   Preparing the Black Sheep stage decoration   Cutting the Bella Coola mask   Making Bella coola's mask   Top of the Totem Poles (eagles)   Painting the wings   Leslie painting the eagles' wings   Second and third sections (Bass guitars)   Making the animals for the front of the stage   The studio   Dreamcatchers   Dreamcatchers   Signs for the Ottawa Bluesfest   Signs for the BluesFest   Roots Stage sign   Roots Stage   

Leslie painting the Black Sheep stage decoration   Black Sheep stage decoration   Top of the Togem Poles ready to be painted   Leslie and the Totem Poles    Making the eagles' wings   The wings done   The eagle   Bass   Drawing the pieces for the stage's apron   Totem Poles' last section (Awls and Raccoons)   Leslie working on the Root Stage decoration   Dreamcatchers' feathers   Dreamcatcher   Dreamcatchers   Main Stage sign   Mother-In-Law Lounge sign   

Bella Coola

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