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This is a story in images about the last project I've been involved with: The Black Sheep Stage decoration for the Cisco Systems Ottawa Bluesfest 2004. Like Leslie called it - "A labor of love". I'll never understand why. Leslie and myself spent about four months studying Canadian natives cultures, analyzing alternatives, discussing ideas, creating images and prototypes, producing the artwork, assembling and moving the pieces to the venue, and installing the whole thing. After that event was over I felt a monumental relieve, mainly thinking I was free at last and away from that atmosphere forever...or so I thought. I was never the same since, neither was my life. I tried to document here the whole process as much as I could. Since most of the pictures were taken by me, you won't see me in most of them...but who cares anyway. I hope you will enjoy this hard work story: "Blues, in a hard place"

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Black sheep stage artworkStage

Bella Coola